Spex is a tool to help interdisciplinary teams be aligned on design ideas. As part of a research project at IXDS, we developed a functional MVP of Spex in 12 work days.


Spex's story view

The story view allows designers to create a user story for the design idea, as a sort of slide presentation.


Spex's system view

At the same time, a more technical team member can use the system view to describe the components involved in the system and the relationships between them.


Spex's system view

Components can be linked from the slides so that their description appears on hover. The same components are used in the story view and the system view, which helps making sure all team members are talking about the same things along the way.


Demo (without write permissions): https://try-spex.firebaseapp.com

Code: https://github.com/jperals/spex