How would computer programming look like if we could reinvent it now from the ground up?

With this project I wanted to radically question the way we program. Why do we type code at all? Maybe we could just use visual symbols. And then maybe we could even write programs by just doodling manual sketches that the computer would interpret and run for us —after all, computers should be getting smart enough to be able to interpret human language instead of the other way around.

Together with my colleague Benjamin Skirlo we won the main prize of the Angelhack Berlin 2016 hackathon with a proof of concept of this idea.

Use case 1

Use case 1:

  • Draw a toggle button and a light bulb, then a line between them
  • Pair the lightbulb with a real one
  • Now we can interact with the real light bulb by pressing our drawn toggle

Use case 2

Use case 2:

  • Draw a moon (symbol for night), a person, a light bulb and connect them all through an “and” sign as in the picture
  • Pair the lightbulb with a real one and the other two drawings with corresponding sensor systems (e.g, based on light sensor, motion sensor)
  • Now the light will switch on when it’s night time and someone is in the room.

Use case 3

Use case 3:

  • Draw a toggle, a symbol for ten seconds and a rocket
  • Pair the rocket with a real one (sure you have one at home)
  • I’d suggest to run!