• 2014
    Big Bother

    Big Bother (sic) is a generative sketch that features an eye on a large screen. This eye has the ability to mutate a little when it detects movement around: a new pupil appears to follow every “target”, with the aim to follow each watcher individually. Read more

  • 2019
    Colors of Twitter

    Basically by combining Twitter feed data (100 million tweets and counting) with a language detector (together with some geometric post-processing, and lots of hours of coding), I was able to offer a quite detailed look at the language geography of the Twitter universe. Read more

  • 2016

    How would computer programming look like if we could reinvent it now from the ground up? With this project I wanted to radically question the way we program. Read more

  • 2014

    Exploring diverse patterns in 2D particle systems, using Processing. Garbuix (/gəɾβúʃ/) is the combination of a Processing sketch with a web-based user interface to explore visually interesting behaviours of 2D systems. Read more

  • 2019

    Spex is a tool to help interdisciplinary teams be aligned on design ideas. As part of a research project at IXDS, we developed a functional MVP of Spex in 12 work days. Read more

  • 2012 — 2013
    Terra Cognita

    As I moved to Berlin in 2012, I started tracking my movements and then wrote an OpenFrameworks app that let me visualize my process of getting to know a new place. Read more

  • 2020

    As a web developer I strive to write code that is semantic and concise. And CSS is an often underrated hero that can help you avoid unnecessary scripts and markup. Read more